Big Data Summit Peru

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to present at the Big Data Summit Peru 2016. This was the second edition of the Big Data summit in Peru, and it was an excellent event. I had the opportunity to present about my favorite topic, text mining, and because it was a long presentation (45 min), I had a chance to present not only text mining examples, but also about the theory behind it. The main idea of my presentation was to explain how you go from unstructured form to an structure form, in which you can then apply any statistics models you want. My presentation slides can be found here.


In addition to my presentation, Naseem also presented at the summit. Her presentation, “Lost in Translation: Connecting Data Insights with Marketing Execution”, was all about how data scientists can communicate better with marketing, and why there is a misunderstanding between the two of them. Her presentation emphasized the important topic that communication is one of the most critical skills that data scientists need to develop. Her presentation slides can be found here.

The conference was well organized. The organizers had a wonderful speakers lineup prepared, and there were great speakers invited from around the world. We had the opportunity to talk to many of the attendees before and after our presentations, and it was inspiring to see them eager to learn about the different topics that were presented.

The Big Data Summit Peru 2016 was a great event. I enjoyed participating, presenting, and networking with the attendees and the presenters from around the world.

Here are more pictures of the event!