Bolivia Adventures

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit Bolivia for the first time. I will have to confess that I never thought about going to Bolivia. I had many other places in my mind for vacation, but Bolivia was not in my list of places to go. Boy… I was wrong.

Bolivia is a beautiful country. Its territory is similar to Peru. People in Bolivia are some of the most honest I have ever met. For example, there were 3 opportunities that I payed for an item, and because some of the bills/coins looked extremely alike, the vendors made me notice, and gave me my money back. La Paz is also a very clean place, and people don’t harass you because you’re a tourist (Peru… you’ve to catch up on that!).

Here are my favorite things about the trip:

  • Being a Spanish-native person, I was able to navigate in Bolivia without any problem. Living in the U.S., you’re always a little bit conscious about your English (not 100% of the time, but probably 99%), and being in a Spanish-speaking country, gave me back my confidence. It sounds silly, but I felt pretty good about my Spanish skills hehehe.
  • Avoiding panicking about my luggage situation: upon arrival to La Paz, I discovered that my luggage had been lost. I panicked, had a meltdown with my mom on the phone, and I thought I was not going to survive. Thankfully, Naseem and Nick saved me, and provided me all the things needed to survive (minus the underwear that I ended buying in La Paz). I missed some of my stuff during the trip, but it feels amazing to have survived that experience.
  • Traveling with Naseem and Nick: in the trip, we discovered that we were all 3 bossy-pants (in our own ways) traveling together, but we made it work and it was an amazing experience. There was a night in particular when we were sharing a room in Uyuni, that we stayed late (even though we were exhausted), in which we laughed and cried because of all the laughter. I had never attended a slumber party when I was a kid, but Nick said it reminded him of that. All the group hugs were pretty amazing too.
  • Our tour guide in Uyuni, feeling like being in Mars in the dessert of Uyuni, the salt flats, our taxi driver in La Paz who had met el Che Guevara, learning to chew coca leaves, eating granadillas en La Paz, and much more.

Bolivia… you were pretty awesome.