Letter to Joshua

Dear Joshua,

One year ago, on February 14th 2015, I became your Godmother.


When you were born, you were a tiny little baby that looked very similar to other babies. I didn’t know much about Down Syndrome, and I thought that you were going to grow up exactly as other kids do.

But you didn’t.

With the help of your therapists and your parents, you had to overcome things that the majority give for granted on babies. You also had to overcome days and days in the hospitals, where I saw you crying, and I thought that no child deserves to cry that way. But then, a few days after that… I saw you smiling and smiling… and I then I understood.

I understood that you are here to teach us that if you want to do something, you’ve got to put effort on it. That we need to celebrate every little victory in life that others take for granted (because we have to put more effort into certain things). That we need to keep smiling even if last week was a crappy one. That everyone deserves a big smile even if at the beginning we don’t want to hang out with them…. and that going to bed at 8pm is completely appropriate 🙂


The other day, your mom told you that your Godmother was not going to keep clapping all the time (you love the sound of clapping by the way)… but I think that’s exactly what my job is: to keep clapping for you.

I can’t wait for you to grow up Joshito. You are one of my favorite people in life.. and I’m grateful to have you in this adventure.