Talent Management Workshop

On December 16th and 17th, Naseem, Stephanie and I organized the first “Talent Management Workshop” in Lima, Peru. The main objective of the workshop was to equip women with the tools needed to find and get the job they want.

That meant intense 2-day instruction that focused on enabling women to gain skill sets in networking, résumé improvement, self awareness, behavioral and technical interviewing. For this edition of the workshop, our sponsors included Google, Women Tech Makers, Accenture, Universidad UTP . The outcome of the workshop was amazing! We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the attendees, and we hope to continue this workshop to different audiences because it enables people to learn skills that they might be lacking.

Here is the detailed information of what this workshop covered:

  • Résumé /CV: every attendee re-did their resume using a template provided by our team, as well as instructions on how to create this resume. Every attendee got feedback on their first iteration of the résumé, and a second iteration was made.
  • Elevator pitch: instruction on how to sell themselves in less than 2 minutes was provided, and every attendee got the opportunity to practice their elevator pitch with at least 10 other attendees.
  • Interview skills: we provided instruction on how to answer interview questions. Every attendee practiced with another person, and was able to improve their interview skills.
  • Networking skills: instructions on how to communicate with other people over email or in person was provided. Every attendee had a chance to practice with another person.

Overall, it was a great opportunity to gain important skills that can help people to obtain the job they want. Here are some pictures of the event!